How To Add Elegance And Value To Your Home With Oak Flooring

Are you planning to replace the floor as it is appearing too old and worn out with scratches? There can be many flooring options out there to choose from. Oak flooring tops the list as it not only adds style to your home decor but also adds value to your home. Yes, the value of your home increases with the luxurious solid Oak floors and immediately attracts attention. If you would like to work something out in your budget then engineered Oak floors comes in handy.

There is not any match to the sophistication and durability of Oak. It is like a classic wine that gets better with time!

Engineered Oak Flooring

If you are a homeowner of a beautiful modern house, engineered wood floors may be the perfect choice for your home. On the flip side, bamboo fits flawlessly even the Victorian-style house. Oak flooring speak of opulence and class. Engineered bamboo flooring can be found in a range of styles and finishes.

Cannon Street Floor Sanding provides a broad range from lacquered walnut, oiled oak, golden hand-scraped, brush & oiled rustic, smoked stain brushed, herringbone, distressed and the list goes on.

Value For Money

For those who have strategies to sell your residence, then without doubt Oak flooring provides complete value for money. This floor can add a lasting impression on your prospective buyers. Ask any real estate agent, compared to other possessions, your home can fetch you wager price for the luxurious flooring.

High Quality

The high-quality Oak flooring last considerably longer than any other kind of flooring. You do not need to replace the floor over and over within a couple of decades. Also, old bamboo flooring can easily be given a new lease of life.

Solid Oak flooring provides natural look to your home and adds warmth to your decor. Check out our handpicked selection of bamboo floor styles and finishes which are popular, such as lacquered walnut, oiled oak, gold hand-scraped, brush & oiled rustic, smoked stain brushed, herringbone, distressed and many more.